Storage Tips

Learn some new and helpful ways to store your items in our facilities.

Tips for Using Cardboard Boxes in Mini Self Storage

  1. Start with dry cardboard boxes to keep mold and mildew at bay.
  2. Using a glass or bottle box can give you unique dividers for storing ornaments and other small items that need to be protected.
  3. Choose a box that has a lid that can be tightly secured by fit or by using packing tape.
  4. Avoid boxes with holes or tears to ensure your box is sturdy enough to hold the items you are storing.
  5. When storing delicate items that can break easily, secure them with bubble wrap or by wrapping with newspaper when packing the storage container.
  6. Like plastic boxes, cardboard is eco-friendly can be reused & recycled when you are finished using it.
  7. If you have too many boxes, they can easily be broken down and laid flat for convenient storage.
  8. Avoid placing photos in a cardboard box. These items are better stored in a plastic container for air tight storage.
  9. Cardboard boxes are great mini self-storage options for papers, books, and other files from your home or office.
  10. Cardboard boxes come in a variety of shapes and size. Speak with our on-site storage consultants (Edwardsville Location) who can help you find the best boxes for your self-storage needs.

Other Tips

  1. When boxes are packed and sealed label all sides so you can easily identify the contents.
  2. Place frequently used items towards the front of the storage unit. You can also leave a walkway to the back of the unit for easy access.
  3. When placing large items such as furniture try to place on end or stack the items to utilize the space. You can then place boxes on top of these items to maximize space.
  4. Avoid using plastic bags when possible. Plastic bags can collect moisture and damage the contents over time.
  5. Do not store anything perishable, this will attract vermin and other rodents. When storing a grill clean and remove all remaining food particles.
  6. When storing temperature sensitive items, such as collectables, electronics, clothing, books, family heirlooms, media, pharmaceutical supplies, photos, etc… choose a climate controlled storage unit to reduce rusting and buildup of mildew and mold on your most valued possessions.